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Xbit coin

XBIT Utility Crypto CoinIs Representative Revenue Share of Casino XBIT

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Counous Platform

Counos is a comprehensive financial platform based on Blockchain. This comprehensive financial platform offers Blockchain-based financial services as well as offering a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

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Real 001

Real001 website is a comprehensive website for selling gold and a variety of products. By offering a wide range of luxury products like gold bars, artworks, and health and beauty products and supporting cryptocurrency payments, our website allows users from all over the world to buy all their products with cryptocurrencies.

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Counos Exchange

Counos centralized exchange is a crypto exchange that, with a very secure configuration, is looking to increase the chances of users in exchanging cryptocurrencies with one another with a very low fee

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Counos Decentralized Exchange

Counos decentralized exchange is an innovative project in the field of exchanging important global cryptocurrencies with one another. Decentralized exchanges have come under a lot of attention recently due to their transparent structure.

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Lottery Xbit

Design of a decentralized lottery organizer system with cryptocurrency support

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