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2022 Design Trends

Category : Test   |   18 December 2021
Writer : Admin

Time to make some predictions about what to expect from 2022. If you are a designer, these predictions should help you with learning technology and trends before they become a standard.

Let’s prepare for new things!

What will not happen

For the last four or five years, I have read predictions on many blogs. They often repeat themselves through the years. Here are some things that won’t happen in my opinion.

1. Dark mode will not be a trend

The dark mode has been here with us for a couple of years. If you read that someone expects that this will be “the thing” in the upcoming year… he was probably frozen for at least 3 years.

The dark theme was the trend when major mobile platforms (iOS and Android) implemented them natively in their OS. Now turning your solution into this mode is a standard, not innovation.

2. 3D illustration is not a thing

There are lots of styles for illustrations, but the choice of style is rather a matter of branding. I expected to see more 3D in 2021, thanks to Spline (its a great tool!), but this didn’t happen. There is no, and there won’t be any major trends in this case this year.

3. Design Systems won’t be this year innovation

If you haven’t a chance to create or use a design system in your projects, you are a bit late to the party. Creating styles & components and providing good documentation to them is literally a must nowadays. So, start learning them, because they are commonly used for many years, and this will not change in the future.

2022 UX/UI Design Predictions 🎉

Ok, time to make some predictions. Ready? Grab the mug of your favorite coffee, and let’s get started!

Virtual Reality

For the last few years, we have heard that Virtual or Mixed Reality is the future. Now when Facebook changed its name to Meta, and presented a vision of their future — things may turn into a serious trend.

You as a designer should learn more about Virtual Reality and how to create excellent experiences for it. Possibilities differ a lot from nowadays web or mobile app design.
With haptic gloves, prototype introduced by Meta, users will be able to feel digital things!



28 April 2022


17 December 2021

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