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Big Time SPACE Rarity & Utility Explained

Category : Blockchain   |   22 December 2021
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In the following blog post, we’ll break down the benefits and use cases of each! A Time Machine, otherwise known as a Personal Metaverse is a player’s portal to their own pocket universe. You can think of the Time Machine as a starter home to hang out with friends or showcase your NFTs and loot. Every player is given a Time Machine after reaching a certain level, in the early stages of the game.

SPACE, Big Time’s version of virtual land, is used as an expansion to your Time Machine. There are 5 different rarity tiers (Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Exalted) and 3 different sizes for SPACE (Small, Medium, Large).SPACE is an NFT, therefore it is transferable and has a fixed supply. It can be traded on the Big Time Marketplace or withdrawn outside of the platform. There is only 600,000 SPACE being minted with 60,000 being sold on our December 21st sale.The larger the SPACE, the more capacity it has to install more features. For example, Time Keepers and Forges enable players to earn Tokens as they play. The cosmetic qualities of SPACE scale up with its rarity. Either an increase in size or an increase in rarity supports more Time Keepers and Forges.Time Keepers are

summoned into SPACE and may be purchased in-game or through the Marketplace. The Time Keepers’ main purpose is to either create Hourglass NFTs or fill them back up.

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Hourglasses are needed to unlock the ability to collect Big Time Tokens as loot drops. This will be the only way to acquire the Token as there will not be any pre-sales or any token grants to the development team. Forges are a way for players to upgrade theirNFTs to increase their rarity. The Forges are installed on SPACE NFTs and can upgrade NFT equipment to new levels.Many new features will be introduced to SPACE in the future with new and exciting abilities.We hope this answers the questions of the community and we look forward to your participation in our December 21st Sale at 5pm EST on



28 April 2022


22 December 2021

Hello HEllo

22 December 2021

Ok lets go By implementing the experience of launching various projects in the field of cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain technology, designing and building online shops and exclusive mobile apps and home computer software, we are looking to create a revolution in the structure of traditional businesses.

17 December 2021

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