What we do


UI/UX Design

User experience can make or break a product. Our design experts have significant experience building products which are convenient and pleasant to use. We create highly polished apps and website for startups and enterprise clients.


Cloud Development

We have ten years of experience in back-end development for mobile and web platforms. Our technical architects are certified experts in Amazon Web Services and Azure cloud. Building software architecture for business apps requires a different mindset than consumer apps. We focus on business need and plan a practical roadmap to align, budget, scale and long-term vision.


Mobile App Development

We are building app since the first iPhone was launched. Our iOS developers and Android developers have developed iPhone, iPad, Android and Web apps that communicate to the cloud-based system using either REST APIs or custom protocols. We build apps architecture so that it can easily scale and can be modified for future enhancement. Custom app development requires teams to have a discipline of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Code Reviews. We have in-house DevOps and processes to ensure the highest level of app quality.


Internet of Things

Smart products require smart software. We have done IoT web development for home automation, sports equipment, consumer electronics and machinery in manufacturing. Building intelligent devices require maintaining hardware and software team collaborated all the time. While dozens of iot software development process and handling communication with manufacturers, firmware developers, industrial designers, we understand the need for effective communication during the manufacturing process. We have built CES and significant award-winning products among iot software companies and consumer iot companies.


Conversation Design

Our team has deployed a number of systems that replicate human decision-making in different industries to enable productivity improvements. Voice technology has become prominent with inventions of Alexa, Google Home, and many open projects. We provide services to build skills, actions, and chatbots for enabling voice experience.



We develop Microservices and act as an extended development team to reduce time to market. Moving away from monolithic software architect designs to Microservices allow scalability and highly effective plug and play architecture. With our deep understanding of container services and virtual cloud, we produce Microservices that are scalable and reliable.


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